This guide will walk through the installation and basic config of SeedDMS 6.x, at time of writing 6.0.17.

Trying to install git in a FreeBSD 12.2 jail produced this error

This guide will walk through the configuration of SeedDMS 6.x to use LDAP for authentication.

Apart from all the usual stuff to change it that is documented, you may also need to change the following key(s):

I'm not a git expert, sometimes I need a reminder when setting up a new repository of the commands necessary.

Seeing the error message mdb_equality_candidates: (xyz) not indexed in your OpenLDAP/slapd logs? This may be a solution..

Need to adjust your OpenLDAP/slapd log level? Here's some useful notes

find is a very useful command that can help you keep your file system tidy